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22.04.2016Zal Ozhidaniya
Infinity Concert Agency
Swallow the Sun
20.04.2016Opera Concert Club
Spika Concert Agency
The Flaming Arts Fest
19.04.2016Zal Ozhidaniya
Infinity Concert Agency
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Spika Concert Agency


Phone: 8 (812) 309-88-83

working Hours: mon - Wed: from 12:00 until last guest,
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Address: St. Petersburg, Bolshaya Morskaya, 6

E-mail: rock@rockstarcafe.ru

22.04.2016Zal Ozhidaniya
Infinity Concert Agency
Swallow the Sun
20.04.2016Opera Concert Club
Spika Concert Agency
The Flaming Arts Fest
19.04.2016Zal Ozhidaniya
Infinity Concert Agency
14.04.2016Zal Ozhidaniya
Spika Concert Agency
10.04.2016Opera Concert Club
Cheese Pro
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Infinity Concert Agency
Royal Hunt
Alive Concerts
19.03.2016Aurora Concert Hall
17.03.2016Zal Ozhidaniya
Spika Concert Agency
Tarja Turunen
16.03.2016ДК Ленсовета / DK Lensoveta
The Motley Concerts
Diary Of Dreams
07.03.2016Opera Concert Club
Infinity Concert Agency
04.03.2016Zal Ozhidaniya
Spika Concert Agency
07.02.2016Zal Ozhidaniya
Spika Concert Agency
18.02.2016Zal Ozhidaniya
Spika Concert Agency
21.02.2016Aurora Concert Hall
Infinity Concert Agency
29.01.2016Opera Concert Club
Infinity Concert
Grave Digger
22.01.2016Aurora Concert Hall
Infinity Concert
18.12.2015Opera Concert Club
Coyote Records
KA Mill
Liv Kristine
Infinity Concert Agency and Alive Concerts
Infinity Concert Agency
04.12.2015Opera Concert Club
Alive Concerts
Spika Concert Agency
The Motley Concerts
13.11.2015Zal Ozhidaniya
Fear Factory
09.11.2015Zal Ozhidaniya
Latest news
23may2016Birthday Andrey skurihina, 19.05.2016
And here is the video with the birth of the Great Andrey skurihina! thank you all for a great holiday! It was fun!
02may2016Autograph session Nuka
Rock Star Cafe Video - Autograph session Nuka 30/04/16
28april2016Photo Contest  ROCK'n'SPRING

Happy spring, dear friends!

Rock Star Cafe announces a photo contest ROCK'n'SPRING for your best photo in RSC, near RSC or anything connected to RSC, anything related to your favorite cafe! Let's Rock!

28april2016Highway Star
Hi to all!
To continue our Rock Start Cafe house craftedcocktails conversation, I'd like to present you one of our most popular shots. Pelase, welcome our Highway Star! Based on the cherry cordial and apple liquer, it perfectly reflects the power of the Deep Purple main fighter. 
23april2016Promo is over
Yesterday, April 22, promo of our friends - Espolón - took place in the Rock Star Cafe!
Prince - a legendary American musician and song writer - died at the age of 58. Prince being low in height was a successful rhythm and blues singer, seven-time Grammy winner and Oscar laureate.
Rock Star Cafe Video - Autograph session Abney Park 15.04.2016
21april2016Autograph signing by Abney Park
April 15, autograph signing by Abney Park in the Rock Star Cafe. We thank this band and wish it successful creative work! 
17april2016Espolón and its Promo

On April 16, the Espolón team conducted a promotional campaign in the Rock Star Сafe. All our guests tried the tequila "Espolón" and enjoyed a taste of one of three different sangrias.

We thank our friends and hope that it is not the last promo for our dear guests!

15april2016Great musicians
Yesterday, on April 14, great musicians had a rest in the Rock Star Cafe. Konstantin Troll, our great friend and a frontman of "Troll Gnet El", Vladimir Kravchenko also known as a terrific bassist of "Scang", Freeway Miglidre - an ex-bassist of "Autopsy" and a current soundman of the band "Death". We are very glad that our friends do not forget about us! You are always welcome to drink a glass of beer!
13april2016Brand Curry with Chicken and Rice

It is one of my favorite dishes, it fascinates with its presentation and taste, which I would like to try again and again.

For the first time, I tasted a real curry with rice in India, where I traveled with my friends. Spice masters in India prepare the most delicious curry in the world, and, after tasting it, now I can hardly imagine my life without this spicy, hot, and bright dish.

13april2016Official YouTube channel
Starts the official channel of our RockStarCafe cafe on YouTube. Restoclub.ru
11april2016Helavisa and Melnitsa  - Autograph Signing in Rock Star Cafe St-Petersburg 08.04.2016
Helavisa and Melnitsa - Autograph Signing in Rock Star Cafe St. Petersburg 08.04.2016 
10april2016Autograph Signing by Helavisa and Melnitsa
April 8 was marked by autograph signing by Helavisa and Melnitsa in Rock Star Cafe! We thank this band and wish success in creation!!
10april2016Autograph Signing by TANZWUT
Autograph signing by TANZWUT 26.03.2016 Rock Star Cafe official video
10april2016Marc Lauber

On April 10, Zorge - spirit successors of Tequilajazzz - will give a rare concert in the Jagger club!

Taking the chance of staying in St. Petersburg, a drummer Marc Lauber ( Germany ) visited our bar!

Mark liked it, while we are looking forward to seeing not only him but also the whole band! 

07april2016Berlin Light Beer

Hello friends!

Sun and warm weather have come and favor longer walks in central streets of our beloved museum city. I would like to tell about a new beer in the tap beer line of Rock Star Cafe. Let me introduce Berlin Light Beer

06april2016Autograph Signing by folk Band "Melnitsa"
 April 8, Friday, the great Russian folk band "Melnitsa" with a project by Helavisa will participate in autograph signing in Rock Star Cafe!   
06april2016Nachos with Tomato Salsa
Nachos are Mexican corn chips, classic South American snacks, which are exclusively supplied to us by the importer of American premium snacks. The dish is based on tomato salsa, a tasty Mexican snack, which I cook with fresh tomatoes and vegetables, fumigating them over with cherry smoke.
04april2016Photos at Autograph Signing by Faun

The great German band Faun visited and participated in autograph signing in Rock Star Café on April 2!

We tell Fauna "thank you", wish success in creative work, and are surely looking forward to one more meeting! 

01april2016Tequila Espolón

OLA, dear friends !!!

I hasten to let you know that Rock Star Cafe and our supplier of elite alcohol have decided to make a special offer based on classical Mexico method of drinking Espalon Tequila made of 100% Blue Agave juice. 

24march2016Run to the Hills

Hello friends !!!

Today, I present one more cocktail from the Rock Star Cafe craft line. Let me introduce Run to the Hills.

18march2016Prize Drawing

Last minutes of Thursday are summing up of our lottery results!

And we have found our winner thanks to a random number generator!

It is number 16 - Svetlana Shults ( https://vk.com/kris_uroboros )!

Lovely Svetlana wins our brand T-shirt and discount card!! Wait for you in Rock Star Cafe to get your prizes!

Follow, Participate, and Win! 

17march2016We are Ready

Dear friends!

We are fully prepared for tonight and wait for you to start this grand celebration!

Do not forget to bring your friends and good spirits!

Rock Star Cafe team waits for everybody! We start at 8:00 pm

12march2016St. Patrick 's Day
Rock Star Cafe
Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls! We invite you on March 17, Thursday, to celebrate a great event, holiday, which is celebrated in 11 countries! St. Patrick 's Day in Rock Star Cafe! 
10march2016Smoky Lemmy
Hello friends. I think, it's time to tell about a craft cocktail - one of the most spectacular in serving and preparation - named after one of my favorite musicians, let me introduce "Smoky Lemmy"
08march2016Program "Svoi Adresа"

Program "Svoi Adresа" in Svoe Radio, the broadcast as of 29.02.2016 - Rock Star Cafe. Andrey Skurikhin and Daria Chigrakova

See it on radio station website: http://svoeradio.fm/audio-archive/rock-star-cafe-thei..


Dear friends!!!

Congratulations on the traditional Slavic holiday Pancake Week. Rock Star Cafe declares a special offer due to this holiday. Everyone, who orders two glasses of beer such as English ale or Irish stout, gets our brand pancakes with cabbage and eggs for free.

06march2016Maslennitsa Festival

The Maslennitsa Festival - a traditional Slavic holiday - is coming! Rock Star Cafe respects traditions and will celebrate this holiday along with the whole country throughout the week!

Our guests will be offered a special Maslennitsa menu developed by our Cooks. You can try pancakes with banana and chocolate, with cowberry jam, cabbage and egg, and to choose any stuffing you like.

06march2016March 8 is Close

A wonderful and tender holiday - March 8 - is coming!

Lovely ladies will receive flowers, gifts, and candy.

It is obvious that Rock Star Cafe team would like to indulge our dear women and to give them only good emotions! 

04march2016Home Handmade Sausages
Dear friends, today I present to you my special home handmade sausages. What is so special about these sausages, and why do our guests like them so much? I'll share my secrets of cooking them.
03march2016Christopher "Chris" Anton Rea
 March 4 is 65th birthday of British singer and song writer known for his specific husky voice and playing slide guitar, Christopher "Chris" Anton Rea! 
Hello friends, do you remember the taste of real fragrant beer freshly brewed under the Soviet state standard? Our beer line offers classical lager devoid of excessive staff, just malt, Zatec hop, and water mined from the depth of 320 m - all this is "Zhiguli Barnoe" (Bar Zhiguli), and also "Zhiguli Barkhatnoe" (Velvet Zhiguli) made of (!!!) six different malts such as dark barley, light barley, biscuit, caramel, rye, and burnt.
29february2016Your Radio
"Svoe Radio" (Your Radio). Program "Svoi Adresa" (Your Addresses) . Monday, 29.02.2016. Program start at 5:00 pm. Program topic - "Rock Star Cafe". Guests Andrey Skurikhin and Daria Chigrakova.
27february2016Andrey  Skurikhin and Daria Chigrakova in Art Salon Nevsky 24
On February 26, our tough guy and rock guru Andrey Skurikhin and RSC Art Director Daria Chigrakova visited art salon "Nevsky 24", where a program devoted to Rock Star Cafe was recorded by on-line radio "Svoe Radio" (Your Radio) svoeradio.fm
26february2016Special Offer

Hey guys,

we are finally having the special offer by the world's famous brewery of Arthur Guinness.

Now, if you buy three glasses of Guinness in Rock Star Cafe, the fourth one is given for free by us and the brewery!

25february2016Sergey Chigrakov
Yesterday, Rock Star Cafe hosted Sergey Chigrakov, Soviet and Russian musician, song writer, singer and guitarist, and also founder and leader of rock band Chizh&Co! 
25february2016Herring in Jar

My today's post is about great Russian vodka snack - "Herring in Jar".

Atlantic fatty herring is served in a large glass jar with a farm village potato and pickled onions, while fresh garlic and red pepper add light spice and pleasant aftertaste.